Why Baja Experience Tours?

Our experienced team has run Southern California’s best tours to surf Baja’s legendary point breaks, experience the best of the peninsula’s famous wineries, fish from ponga’s in secret fishing spots, paddle board in pristine Sea of Cortez waters, and snorkel and scuba among one of the most diverse biological ecosystems for over 20 years!

We love passing along our knowledge of its gripping history, rich ecosystems and the best local eateries and more, while providing access to the best equipment and instruction you could find anywhere in the world.    

Our 3 base locations span from an hour and a half south in Ensenada to our house 350 miles south in Gonzaga Bay and we have dozens of incredible day trips charted across every inch of the peninsula that lets us tailor every trip to exceed your dreams.  Whether you want to take it easy and relax with the girls among world famous wineries for the weekend or get barreled by double overhead empty point break waves for a week straight, we guarantee your trip will be a lifelong memory.  

Choose from one of our pre-perfected 3-5 day packages, craft your own, or tell us some of your preferences and let us craft your perfect experience!