Baja Experience Tours

Baja Experience Tours provides Pacific Coast and Sea of Cortez tours, each one customizable with additional excursions and adventures to fit your needs and desires. Trips are offered as day trips - leaving early morning and returning in the evening, weekend tours - Friday through Sunday and week long camps - Sunday through Friday. 

Tours depart from San Diego, California. day Trips, Early morning through late afternoon. Weekend Tours, Friday through Monday. Week Long Camps, Sunday through Friday. Trips begin with a meet and greet, orientation and breakfast at the Ocean Beach Surf and Skate Shop, in San Diego, CA, early in the morning on the day of departure. Guests board the transportation vehicle and depart for the border. Stops are made in Ensenada for lunch before continuing on to the Pacific Coast or Sea of Cortez site.

Our Pacific Coast site is found along the rugged coastline of Erendira. The resort sits with a breathtaking ocean front view. Walk out to a private beach, relax by the bon fire and enjoy yourself in the game room. Accommodations include hot showers, clean bathrooms, healthy, delicious meals and snacks, all transportation, and (our) comprehensive surf training programs.

Our Sea of Cortez site is surrounded by crystal clear waters and white sand beaches. Beach front cabins await for guests to relax and recharge with the ocean outside your door. Paddle board, snorkel, fish and explore. The Sea of Cortez is the ideal location for those looking to escape and unwind.